About Us

A family run business providing your dogs with the highest quailty products!

Providing the Highest Quality Products for Dogs

We are a small family run business, based in Ballymena, Co.Antrim. We are passionate about dogs, their health, their training, their behaviour and what makes them the amazing companions they are.

From very humble beginnings, our products are now used and recommended by many of the best professional dog trainers throughout the country.  They have also been used from the green carpets of Crufts to The World Agility Championships.  

Please visit our stockists page to find your nearest supplier or don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you many have. 

Our own Irish Terrier ‘Sparky’ who is our chief tester !



How long does liver cake keep?

We are proud to never use additives or preservatives at any stage of our baking process so once defrosted our liver cake lasts for up to 5 days (but will be gone long before then).


What products can I buy online?

Unfortunately due to postage costs/delays our frozen products are only available through our stockists – find your nearest stockist here. However, you can order 500ml Salmon Oil via the pay pal button which should arrive within two working days.


What age can I give marrow bones to my dog?

We advise waiting until 4-6 months of age until your pups adult teeth have fully emerged.


Should marrow bones be given raw?

Yes – dogs should never be given any bones that have been cooked as they are much more likely to splinter and could cause injury.


How do I introduce salmon oil to their diet?

Our salmon oil comes with an easy to use pump dispenser and all feeding directions according to the weight of your dog are on the back label. Just pump the recommended dosage onto their food and see the results in 10-14 days.